%0 Journal Article %T RESULTS OF RESEARCH ON THE POSSIBILITY OF ARTEMIA INDUSTRIAL EXPLOITATION IN NATURAL RESERVOIRS OF THE ASTRAKHAN REGION AND EVALUATION OF THE FEASIBILITY OF THE PASTURE AQUACULTURE IN HYPERHALINE WATER BODIES DEVELOPMENT IN THE ASTRAKHAN REGION AND REPUBLIC KALMYKIA %A Pyatikopova, O.V. %A Barinova, V.. %A Bedritskaya, I.N. %A Petrushkieva, D.S. %K Artemia, hypersaline reservoirs, grazing, aquaculture, environmental monitoring and appraisal of reservoirs, Astrakhan oblast, Republic of Kalmykia %J Fisheries %D 2020 %N 2020 %P 5 %I FSBI "TSUREN"