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The materials on the retrospective and current catch of marine fish species in the Far Eastern region are presented. In the Far Eastern seas, from 3.0 to 3.4 million tons of LMR are captured, constituting more than 2/3 of the total Russian catch. In 2019, the catch of commercial fishes, for which the TAC is set, amounted to 2.3 million tons. The catch structure is dominated by walleye Pollock (75%), herring (11%), cod (6%), and flounder (3 %), saffron cod (2.5%). The catch of non-quota species in the region amounted to 354.6 thousand tons. The most important species in the 2019 were Japanese sardine (37%), herring (35%), mackerel (10%), gobies (8%), flounder (5%) and rays (2%). The analysis of the current state of the resource base in the Far Eastern region shows good prospects for national fishery.

fishing, catch, Far Eastern seas, living marine resources (LMR), walleye Pollock, herring, cod, flounder, Japanese sardine, mackerel, saury
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