South Kuril zone: the state of resources and fishery in 2000-2020
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Abstract (English):
Research object: aquatic biological resources and fishing in the South Kuril zone. The purpose of the work is to assess the state of resources and fishing in the South Kuril zone of the Far Eastern fishery basin of Russia in 2000-2020, the prospects for the development of the fishery complex. Result: With the average long-term recommended value of the commercial withdrawal in the South Kuril zone of 623 thousand tons, the development of aquatic biological resources averages 206.5 thousand tons, or 33.1% (in 2020, the development was 53.5%). The region has significant prospects and potential within the framework of the overall development strategy for the Russian Far East.

state of aquatic biological resources, Primorye subzone, fishery, potential

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