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Abstract (English):
The aim of the work was to develop the parameters of the process of salting Pacific herring fillet with a reduced salt content, intended for children’s nutrition. For salting, food salt with a reduced sodium content, enriched with potassium, magnesium, was used. Based on the conducted studies, a rational formulation of the salting mixture was selected, consisting of 5 % salt with a reduced sodium content, 4% sugar, 0.35-0.50% citric acid. It was found that carrying out the salting process for 72-96 hours provides a low-salted fillet with a salt content of 3.5% with high organoleptic parameters, which are determined by the amino nitrogen content of 110-130 mg/100 g of the product and the buffering capacities of 40-45 degrees.

pacific herring fillet, salting, maturation, children's nutrition, reduced sodium salt

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